3,000 years of East Asian history in Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, and Russia

The Korean History Project went online October 16, 1997, as an educational effort to research, produce and publish Korean and East Asian history online, to promote history education and cultural understanding, and to make a valuable history resource easily accessible to a worldwide audience.

Korea in the Eye of the Tiger

Korea in the Eye of the Tiger, the feature presentation, is a full-length book that tells the sweeping saga of East Asian history and the complex relationships among Korea, China, Manchuria, Mongolia, Russia, Japan, Europe, and the United States in their quest for power and influence in Asia.


Journey to Asia

Journey to Asia, a companion feature, is your guide to learning about the geography, weather, languages, and governments of Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, and Russia.



Advanced communication technologies now make it possible to experience significant historic events as they happen around the world from virtually anywhere.

People cannot understand this rush of global information unless they know something about where it is happening, the people to whom it is happening, and the culture within which it is happening. They cannot understand the context of world events if their only basis for making judgements is a limited knowledge of their small corner of the world.

The growing influence of Asian culture and the accelerating economic power of the Asian Pacific Rim make it vital to understand the rich history of that part of the world, to learn where nations of the Far East have been and where they may be heading.

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